Drive Employee Performance To New Heights

Our flexible performance management software empowers managers and helps engage employees through a culture of open feedback and tracking. It allows you to create templates that work best for your organization's learning goals. It also connects learning with performance which helps employees lead the way to their own development.

exceed is a comprehensive platform that connects employee performance and development

Track Talent From Every Angle with 360º Feedback

360-Degree feedback is a key strategic tool for peer-to-peer reviews. It helps all members of the team give and receive feedback and evaluate each other's performance and attitude. It allows them to point out positive aspects of their colleague's work and areas where they can improve.

This tool creates a complete picture of employee performance. It gives teams a better perspective on building engagement with a more holistic understanding of the organization and how it operates.

Why Is 360-Degree Feedback A Key Tool For Success?

  • Improves the performance review process.
  • Offers a chance for everyone to offer unbiased feedback.
  • Provides a better perspective on how to grow in certain areas.
  • Tracks progress throughout the year.
  • Strengthens teamwork and accountability.
key strategic tool for peer-to-peer reviews

Empower Employees With Effective 1:1 Feedback

1:1 Feedback system is one of the most effective methods for implementing the learning and development approach. It allows progress done by employees to be measured and evaluated by the employee himself and his manager as well, allowing both mindsets to meet, communicate and find the most optimal solutions.

It is the best way for managers to ensure their team is aligned, develop a strong relationship, and ensure that employees work toward their goals. It allows immediate and regular feedback and promotes open communication.

Get The Most Out Of 1:1 Feedback

  • Provide a unique opportunity for private discussion.
  • Foster empathetic work relationships.
  • Allow employees to measure and track their own progress.
  • Encourage a problem-solving mindset.
  • Help keep track of meeting notes.
  • Define action items and set the next steps.
effective methods for implementing the learning and development approach

Team Health-Check Surveys

Engaged team members are more productive. Using this specialized assessment tool will facilitate discussions, making it easier to engage your teams, address their impediments, develop growth strategies, and identify new areas for improvement. It will trigger open, positive conversations to get to the bottom of any issues and commit to a way forward.

Why Use A Team Health Check?

  • Increase employee satisfaction
  • Result in less employee turnover
  • Help smooth adoption during transitions
  • Give better insights about your work environment
  • Keep conversations focused
open, positive conversations to get to the bottom of any issues and commit to a way forward.